Helping Farmers Save Water for Over 40 Years

Starting in 1977, began offering site specific soil moisture analysis. Providing weekly reports, owner Jarald Davidson offered his expert knowledge and advice on proper irrigation practices to optimize crop yields and save money.

Since then we have evolved into a multi-platform agricultural consulting company. At, we now use telemetry monitoring devices to provide real-time precise data to determine when decisions need to be made to protect your fields. Our data comes from soil moisture sensors within your fields to help you maintain proper irrigation. Telemetry data can alert you to the effectiveness of your fertilizers, your soil salinity, oxygen content and temperature. It is also essential for maintaining optimal irrigation levels in response to environmental and weather conditions. Telemetry data facilitates efficient water management, especially important for our geographical region. can provide you with the most relevant data for your business – real time data from your own fields.

Dan Frederick, Technical Supervisor

Raised in Chico, Ca, I was lucky to grow up on a working walnut orchard. Having that background as a kid gave me the agricultural itch early in life. I met Jarald in 2012. We instantly had a connection, and worked together to build the current business of Outside of work, I am an avid musician, active in the Chico music scene.