Adcon Telemetry

With more than 35,000 telemetry units sold, this makes Adcon the leading manufacturer for solutions in the field of Agrometeorology and Irrigation control. Whether if it’s UHF radio or GSM/GPRS/UMTS mobile telemetry, Adcon smart wireless solutions are the right choice.


Expertise in Flow Physics – Our application engineers, researchers and designers apply their expertise in flow physics and real world operating dynamics. The results are some of the most accurate, innovative and trusted flow meters on the market. Our ISO certified manufacturing facilities and quality control systems are the foundation for being a trusted supplier.

Observant Inc.

Observant provides a fully integrated farm information management platform. Our cloud based applications capture and manage all your information and provide dedicated decision support applications. Our award winning hardware delivers unparalleled reliability and connects to a world of equipment and sensors. No matter what you grow, our solutions will help you do it better.


Puresense is the field monitoring technology growers trust. Puresense delivers real-time data from sensors in the field to any internet connected mobile device, tablet or computer in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. From soil moisture monitoring to evapotranspiration forecasting and irrigation scheduling, Puresense is the only water management software farmers need to achieve more crop per drop.