Soil Moisture Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of irrigation. Soil moisture monitoring provides valuable information about what is happening below the surface of the soil. It provides confidence irrigations are meeting your crop needs without wasting important inputs like water and nutrients. With the ability to support multiple sensors and technologies, we believe we can help you make the correct decision in your fields.

Weather Monitoring

Make irrigation decisions based on plant-water demand. Monitor in-field evapotranspiration (ET) readings and use soil moisture probes to dramatically improve irrigation decision making. Remote weather station with telematics alerts growers to real-time frost conditions, reducing risk of crop damage.

Flow Meter Monitoring

Flow meter monitoring is continually becoming more important. By installing and remote monitoring flowmeters, you will have the ability to monitor real time flow, total water used and run time. We provide the equipment, support and technological knowledge for this data to be a tool used in the ever-advancing agricultural industry.

Water Level Monitoring

Whether it be your agricultural deep well water table, or your rice field, we can monitor and record your water levels. With different technologies and a multitude of sensors, we can help you make real time decisions and diagnoses about your water use.